Benefits of the projects


Jim’s Plain and Robbins Island Renewable Energy Parks will:

  • Put downward pressure on electricity prices for Tasmanians due to the additional on-island renewable energy supply
  • Create 400 jobs during construction, and 65 ongoing jobs
  • Be one of the largest private investments ever in Tasmania (over $1.5 billion) meaning more local jobs
  • Help attract new industry and jobs to Tasmania with lower cost renewable power
  • Create carbon offsets equivalent to 750,000 vehicles per year and will help Tasmania meet its goal of zero net emissions by 2050
  • Help drought-proof Tasmania’s hydro electricity system
  • Assist Australia with reliable low-cost renewable energy
  • Help replace the 6,000 megawatts of coal-fired generation coming out of the Australian energy system over the next decade, transitioning the National Electricity Market to a lower carbon emissions system and help Australia meet its Paris Agreement commitments

In addition, typical goods and services likely to be sourced locally during construction and operation of the projects include:

  • Accommodation and catering
  • Engineering
  • Construction materials and equipment
  • Labour
  • Earthworks services
  • Fencing and landscaping