Transmission landowners


Landowners retain ownership of the land where transmission towers are located. An formal legal contract is formed between us and landowners.

This land is called an easement. It covers land not only where our transmission towers are physically located, but also the immediate area surrounding it. The easement will be 60 metres wide.

The land in the easement is cleared of trees or shrubs higher than 3 metres. We use the land for access when we need to do maintenance on the transmission line.

Using land around a transmission line

An easement doesn’t mean the landowner can’t do anything with the land. In fact, there are many activities landowners can do (subject to some height restrictions), including:

  • Agricultural activities
  • Most recreational activities
  • Parking vehicles
  • Planting a garden

Landowner compensation

We provide compensation to landowners for use of easements, as well as an additional payment if it includes transmission towers. We also contribute towards the landowner’s legal fees.

We’ll always negotiate with landowners in good faith to arrive at a mutually beneficial outcome.