Community benefits


We're committed to building a positive and lasting relationship with communities in Circular Head and Waratah-Wynyard. We'd like to do this by contributing to the future vitality and success of the region by:

  • Promoting Circular Head as a Renewable Energy Zone and building a greater understanding of renewable energy within the community.
  • Developing skills and capacity within the community.
  • Improving the social, economic and environmental status of communities in Circular Head and Waratah-Wynyard.

What we'll do

  1. Establish a Committee to run a Community Partnership Fund.
  2. Establish a UPC Managed Fund.
  3. Employ and buy locally wherever possible.

The Committee will act as a conduit between the community and UPC and will share information, provide feedback and help to resolve issues during critical stages of development. The Committee will also be responsible for sharing the benefits of the project with the community through the Community Partnership Fund. The Committee will determine how and to whom the funds will be distributed to.

For every 1 megawatt, we’re proposing to contribute $750 a year to the Community Partnership Fund and up to $250 a year to the UPC Managed Fund.

At full development the contribution to the Community Partnership Fund will be up to $675,000 a year and the contribution to the UPC Managed Fund will be up to $225,000 a year (based on 900 megawatts of installed capacity).

Our community benefits are still under development but will run throughout the life of the Renewable Energy Parks. If you'd like to send us your thoughts on our community benefits, please contact us.

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