Tasmania’s role as the “battery of the nation” is a major opportunity for our state. Once operational, the Robbins Island and Jim’s Plain Renewable Energy Parks will make a significant contribution to both the State’s and the national energy generation needs.

map.pngJim’s Plain Renewable Energy Park

We are developing the Jims Plain Renewable Energy Park which will consist of up to 160MW of wind, battery storage and associated infrastructure.  The park will be connected to the TasNetworks network via a transmission line from Jims Plain to Smithton substation. The site is located on a low undulating plateau covered in heath approximately 10 km inland from the Woolnorth Wind Farm.

Robbins Island Renewable Energy Park

The investigations of the Robbins Island Renewable Energy Park is considering wind and solar PV generation with possible battery storage.  The installation is expected to have a generation capacity in the range of 400 to 1000MW.

The project also includes significant associated infrastructure, including transmission lines, roads and potentially a causeway/bridge and barge and jetty facilities.